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Investment Pick on Clark Howard An article on Clark Howard's site discusses how to invest your Health Savings Account. Health Savings Administrators is a top pick with our 22 Vanguard Funds.
22 Vanguard Funds
At Health Savings Administrators you have access to 22 Vanguard Funds - and unlike some of the competition, there is no required checking account.
Live Customer Service
We make it easy to reach a live person when you call. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and we staff our call centers with experienced, friendly and educated people.....just like you!
Ranked Best HSA by Kiplingers You can build a portfolio with 22 low-cost Vanguard mutual funds - and you can invest immediately, instead of waiting to accumulate a large balance.

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The Health Savings Administrators Advantage

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  • HSA Account First-dollar investing - no minimum bank account balance required prior to investing
  • Investment choice from 22 Vanguard® No-Load Mutual Funds
  • Twelve funds offered are Admiral Shares
  • Invest in up to four Vanguard® funds at any one time
  • Separate bank account with debit card option available
  • Simple fee schedule, no hidden fees
  • Average expense ratio is 0.21 

Annual HSA Contribution Limits

  2014   2015
     Single Account     $3,300     $3,350
     Family Account
$6,550  $6,650
     Catch up (age 55 & older during the tax year) $1,000   $1,000

Benefits of Health Savings Accounts

  • Triple Tax Savings
    • Contributions are Tax Deductible
    • Interest and other earnings grow Tax-Free
    • Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are Tax-Free
  • Funds can be used for the medical expenses of your spouse & tax dependents
  • Continue to use your HSA dollars tax free, even if no longer covered by a HDHP
  • Take your HSA with you if you change jobs or retire
  • Save and invest for future and retirement medical expenses
  • Balance rolls over year to year and can continue to grow

Health Exchanges and your HSA

If you are enrolled in a bronze, silver, gold or platinum HSA-compatible plan through a Health Insurance Exchange, we have an HSA that meets your needs. Be sure to check with your insurer to confirm that your plan is labelled as an HSA-compatible plan. After that, enrolling is easy - Click Enroll Now.

Maximizing your HSA Contribution

  • Contribute the annual maximum allowed based your insurance coverage & age.
  • Take advantage of payroll deductions if offered by your employer.
  • Pay some health expenses out of pocket and let your HSA grow.   There is no time limit to reimburse yourself from your HSA.  Consider paying some medical expenses out of pocket, rather than using your HSA funds. This can help you build your HSA for retirement, when your medical expenses may be higher and you need those funds more.

Make the most of your HSA dollars

  • Know what expenses are eligible. Most healthcare, dental & vision expenses are eligible.
  • Take advantage of your free preventive care health insurance benefits.
  • Stretch you HSA dollars by discussing diagnostic and treatment options with your doctor. 

Consumer Driven Health Care

At its core, Consumer Driven Health Care is about asking “Is there a less expensive way to reach the same treatment goal?” Follow this link to see some true examples.

All of these questions resulted in less expensive, rather than less effective, health care. And they accomplished that with no new technology, no challenge to the physician’s expertise, just a few simple questions.

About Health Savings Administrators

Health Savings Administrators was formed in 1997 and offers Vanguard® no-load mutual funds to Health Savings Account (HSA) holders nationwide.  Our focus on providing value allows our customers to enjoy commission free mutual funds and some of the lowest expense ratios in the marketplace.  For new HSA accounts, we offer an attractive alternative to your insurance company’s checking account. For existing accounts, you don’t have to change your insurance company to select our program. Simply download our Combined Enrollment/Transfer form and send it to us. We will process your request and forward it to your existing custodian.  

Health Savings Administrators was chosen as a Clark Howard HSA Investment Pick and named the Best Health Savings Account for Investors by Kiplinger.

At Health Savings Administrators, we measure our results from people exactly like you who have made the decision to open a Health Savings Account.  Our testimonials section lists a few of the things our clients have said about their experience with Health Savings Administrators.