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Vanguard Mutual Funds

Note that the following information is for Vanguard Funds with Health Savings Administrators.

Investment Overview

Available at Health Savings Administrators, are 22 Vanguard® Funds, 12 of which are Admiral Class! Each fund has a distinct investment management objective, strategy, risk profile and policies.

The Vanguard Group provides investors with access to some of the leading money managers from around the world. They utilize a multi-manager approach to investing to provide greater diversification within each portfolio. Read the current prospectus on funds that interest you for more information prior to investing. Links to each fund's prospectus can be found as part of the Vanguard® Funds list.

Securities offered through The Vanguard Group, Member NASD SIPC.  Security products: Not insured by FDIC or any Federal Government Agency; May Lose Value; Not a Deposit of or Guaranteed by the Bank or any Bank Affiliate.

Health Savings Administrators does not provide investment advice and is not responsible for the loss or gain of any of these funds.

Access Your Vanguard® Funds Online

Your account information is always available on our website! To view your mutual fund account online, click here to go to Customer Login.

Please Contact Us here if you have questions about these reports or need additional information.

Make a Contribution to Your HSA

Health Savings Administrators
10800 Midlothian Turnpike, Suite 240
Richmond, VA 23235
Please make checks payable to HSA Bank.

  • Click for the ACH Debit Authorization Agreement. We can automatically make deposits to your HSA from your checking account. You can choose to have the money transferred on either the 1st or 20th of the month. 

Make a Withdrawal from your HSA

  • The fastest and easiest way to get a reimbursement from your Health Savings Account is to use our online process.  Click here to go to the login page.
  • If you would prefer, you may download and submit a Request for Reimbursement form to Health Savings Administrators.
  • If you would like reimbursements direct deposited from your HSA to your personal checking account, complete and fax or mail the Electronic (ACH) Reimbursement Authorization.
  • Click for examples of HSA Eligible Medical Expenses
  • Note: If you use the HSA for non-medical expenses you will be subject to a 20% penalty and you will be responsible for the taxes on that  withdrawal.

Account Maintenance Forms


Vanguard Specific Fees

  • Custodial fee: 0.0008 per quarter times account balance (80 cents per $1000), capped at $20,000 account balance per fund. Mutual Fund Account maintenance fees are deducted from account balance quarterly.
  • Quarterly statements for all Mutual Fund Customers are provided via email at no charge. Hard copies are available by mail for $10.00 annually.
  • Transfer to another HSA Custodian/or Close Account: $25.00 

HSA Transfer and Rollovers

  • Click here for the Transfer Form. Use this form if you want your current HSA custodian to transfer your account to Health Savings Administrators but you have not received a check from your custodian.
  • Click here for the Rollover Form. Use this form if your current HSA custodian has sent you a check that you want to deposit with Health Savings Administrators.
  • Click here for the IRA to HSA Transfer Form.

Tax-Related HSA Forms

HSA Legal Documents